To you

You killed yourself today and I can’t even remember your name. All I see is the glass that had held its permanence over your blue eyes. And all I said was “I’m sorry.” Because what else is there to say? I understand? I get it? I understand nothing! I get nothing! Empathy is lost, nonexistent. Everyone lives, but never in the same way. Just as they die. I’m not really sure exactly why I apologized. Maybe because I was sorry for ever considering it. He was pretty much a complete stranger to my mom, yet now she seems broken somehow, confused and so full of emotion that her voice can’t even come out right. My mom doesn’t know that I too have depression. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go kill myself. That doesn’t mean I will go missing only to be found dead in my car. Like I was saying, there’s no such thing as empathy. Especially in this situation. It’s just that his eyes looked so sad. As if they were stained permanently.

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