To you

You killed yourself today and I can’t even remember your name. All I see is the glass that had held its permanence over your blue eyes. And all I said was “I’m sorry.” Because what else is there to say? I understand? I get it? I understand nothing! I get nothing! Empathy is lost, nonexistent. […]

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A Note

I wish there was something I could say to make you change you’re mind. The truth is, you’re doing good. You didn’t want to end up like your father and so you didn’t. There is only so much transition that can occur over a generation. You did everything you could, and so will I, and […]

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a story

I hate when stories end in death, which is ironic because they all do. So I’ll tell mine out of order because there may be certain rules in life, but most of the time there are ways to jump over them, run, and turn your head back just to stick out your tounge and give […]

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She’s writing again

“Psst… hey… hey! She’s writing again, look man, she’s finally writing again!” *Sighs* “What? This is a good thing, man, a good thing!” *He literally has $ for eyeballs* “What the… are you crying?” *If this fucker opens his mouth one more time… Closes eyes. Takes deep breath. Tries to forget the last time she […]

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Peach Parade

And I was back in the Peach Pit. “You’re crazy, You’re crazy,” the little children sang. How small they were; it was probaly because they were so far away. Waiving and Shouting and Screaming. All for me! I waived back and smiled. Because now they know. And now, no matter what I do, they always […]

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